Guided tour "Neuchâtel à la Belle Epoque"

With a guide to accompany us, we set out to discover the treasures of Neuchâtel's historic quarter. We were pleasantly surprised by this new tour, which features ten unique experiences related to the Belle Époque. This new route offers far more than a conventional guided tour: there is an interactive element, and it is also a learning experience. What did people eat in the Belle Époque period? What games did they play? And how did they dress? The various stages of our tour immersed us in the buoyant spirit of an era of abundant discoveries and inventions – and one which also saw the emergence of tourism. Another highlight: authentic experiences (and some delights for our palates) during our visits to the kiosk in the Place Pury and 'Le Cardinal' brasserie.


The guided tour is possible throughout the year, but only if a reservation is made.

Number of participants
1 to 20

CHF 180.00 (maximum of 20 participants per group)

Time required
2 hours and 30 minutes

French, German, English, Italian.

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Itinerary Proposal for the guided tour | PDF, 488 kB

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Guided tour "Neuchâtel à la Belle Epoque"

Guided tour "Neuchâtel à la Belle Epoque"

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